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In my Father's Footsteps

This site is dedicated to my father Arthur Naylor who passed away in Tamworth on 25 July 2006, just three days before his 92nd birthday. For decades Arthur walked all over Sydney but never took any photographs.

Arthur was not one for humping a big pack and camping out at night, but was strictly a day walker. He did not own a car, but he would go anywhere you could reach by public transport- all around Sydney, its suburbs, and the surrounding national parks. In this spirit, this site will be limited to day walks reachable by Sydney's public transport system.

Arthur got to know every square inch of Sydney and all the suburbs. Nothing would stop him from taking a short cut to finish a walk. He once gained some notoriety in the press when he took a short cut across Sydney Airport. He was quickly rounded up for some torrid questioning by the airport security police. There are some footsteps I won't be following!

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