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On reaching the age of 60, New South Wales citizens are entitled to a 'Seniors Card'. This entitles them to (among other things) a $2.50 day excursion ticket that gives the user unlimited travel on all public transport systems (rail, bus and ferry) in the Sydney Metropolitan Area and beyond. On becoming a senior, with my senior's card in my hot little hand, I decided to see how far and wide I could get around Greater Sydney on day walks using only public transport.

It is difficult to find a consistent definition of 'Greater Sydney'. The best I can find, and most relevant to this site, is the City Rail Suburban and Outer Metropolitan Areas. Bounded by Morisset in the north, Lithgow in the west, Moss Vale in the southwest and Nowra in the south, this area includes the city and suburbs, the Central Coast, The Blue Mountains, the Southern Highlands and the Illawarra. For me the limits of Greater Sydney will be determined by how far I can get by public transport, have a decent walk, and return home in a day.

I have now extended my walking site to include a number of sub-sites to cover places outside of Sydney where I walk with some level of regularity. The sub-sites include Manila and Leyte in the Philippines where I visit frequently, Campbelltown south west of Sydney which is now my home town, and a catch all site for other walks outside these areas which I have called 'Abroad'. 
Abroad in the sense of outside of the main categories,not necessarily in a foreign country. "Broadly, in different directions"(COD).

Walking is regarded by many as the 'perfect exercise'. No fancy equipment is needed and it can be easily incorporated into a busy schedule. Walking increases aerobic fitness, helps contain weight, aids the digestive system, aids circulation, decreases blood pressure and is a natural tranquiliser helping to reduce anxiety and stress. [Kuntzleman 1979, pp. 1-2. [See walking benefits] And, of course, it is the best way to get out in the fresh air and discover the natural wonders of your area, and abroad.

When it comes to natural wonders, Sydney is truly blessed. It is famous for its beautiful Harbour and there are many great walks around the Harbour with access improving all the time. But there are also many other beautiful waterways outside the main harbour including Broken Bay, Pittwater, Middle Harbour, Botany Bay and Port Hacking. There are quaint inner suburbs and a suburban sprawl with surprisingly large tracts of urban bushland, particularly around the river and creek systems, of the Nepean/Hawkesbury, Parramatta River, Lane Cove River, Cooks River and Georges River. Surrounded by Kuringai National Park and the Central Coast to the North, the Blue Mountains National Park to the West, the Southern Highlands to the South West and the Royal National Park and Illawarra to the South, Sydney truly is a walkers paradise.

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This website is no more than a record of my personal walks. It is not an invitation to for anyone to to attempt the walks described on this site. I do not accept responsibility for any inconvenience, loss or injury sustained by anyone attempting any of the walks described on this website.